A strictly pacifist procedural dungeon looter.

How to play:

    [WASD] to move

    [SPACE] to act

    Collect keys while avoiding their keepers.

    Juke your way thru 7 levels.

*Using the p5.js library

Development log


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Really interesting idea! There are very few pacifist rogue-likes, so this was a nice addition.  My biggest complain would be the speed of movement and camera angle is a little unnerving.

I cringed so much watching others play it so fast. It wasn't that fast for me. In hind sight I didn't lock down the frame rate or limit the speed in anyway, so it runs as fast as possible. Thanks for the feedback!  ^-^ feelsgoodman .

Hiya - 

I made a blind play-through video of your game. It's up on

TL; DR: You did exceptionally well. There are a few little niggles, but it was a valiant effort.


I'm so honored by your time and praise.

I left a more complete reply and thanks on Youtube.

Pro content buddy.

Thanks again!